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 my Research GOALS: 

The primary goals of my research are twofold: to investigate how consumer decision making is affected by (a) subjective feelings of ownership and (b) the framing of numerical content. To these ends, I employ a variety of methods that include controlled surveys, laboratory experiments, archival queries, and field experiments.

My papers on subjective ownership ask: 

·     How can marketers leverage feelings of ownership in consumers to increase monetary donations?

·     What asymmetries in perceived ownership shape the expectations borrowers and lenders bring to loan agreements? 

·     Which elements of the online shopping experience increase consumers’ feelings of ownership and influence sales?

My papers on numerical representation ask: 

·     What role do precise and imprecise numbers play in how consumers evaluate estimators and charitable appeals? 

·     How do near and distant time frames interact with loss-framed language in communicating descriptive norms?